1. I have friends that are using ace but are not happy with the new capsules they went back to the old formula and say it is way better than the new formula and are they discontinueing the old.

  2. Yes the old will be gone as soon as all the distributors run out of it. You can not get it from the company any more.
    I love the new but I have to be honest , when you have taken the old it takes some getting use to. IT TAKES TIME for your body to re-adjust to it. Don’t give up on it, the longer you are on it the better it gets. IT actually is much better than the old once you GIVE IT TIME TO BUILD UP IN YOUR BODY!!!

  3. Why have they discontinued the old ACE? I do not like the new ones. Do you have any of the old ACE pills to sell? Thanks, Cindy

  4. Cindy,
    The original ones are NO LONGER . They have redone the formula with many more vitamins, The geranium flower part of the old is no longer allowed. You should cont to try they have tweaked the newest formula. I am hearing that people are really liking it now. The Tweaking I do believe was done in the mix of the blend. Original is NO MORE! Sorry. We strive to make the very best formula for peoples health. The goal is to help improve the health of our customers.
    By the way, you should take a break from it every 12 weeks for 1-2 weeks for it to work better and let your Adrenal hormones rest and reset. This will give you better results. You should stay off any energy supplement at least one day a week.
    Thank you for aksing.